I'm Janneck Wullschleger [ jawu ], a motivated freelance software developer and thus a digitalization assistant.

My focus lies on building web apps, their backends and its continuous way to the infrastructure it will run on. I develop in python, typescript, javascript, java, php and run it on vms, in docker containers, as kubernetes services or functions.

If you have ideas, requirements, questions or other kind of challenges I may help you or your team with, please feel free to contact me at janneck@plusquam.studio

Need a team? Please see my expert pool on plusquam.studio and get back here afterwards.


Task or process automation

Use time and energy for real work instead of putting it into daily, simple, stupid repetitive and error prone tasks.

Most of the tasks do not require any intelligence but a concise ruleset to get them handled correctly, e.g.: any kind of data processing (copying and transforming data from some source, like incoming order confirmation mails from the webshop, into another system).

Thats where I like to come in:

  1. observe and analyze the current process together with you as the process owner
  2. discover and define the automatable steps
  3. evaluate the matching technologies and implement it

Are there already automatable processes in your mind? Drop me a mail.

Custom tools

A good toolset boosts your efficiency. Digital tools can be started by including a small set of features, which can grow over time. Along the way it gets adjusted and optimized to meet the ever changing requirements of our world. Once builded, digital helpers are available nearly anywhere and anytime.

If you manage many different systems to get your work done, it's easy to lose track. Custom created dashboards can load and display information from many sources in one place and visualize the data to support its meaning.

Imagine a map, where you can quickly find all your customers nearby and perform distance searches for quick appointment planning. Always synced with your CRM system or other data source.

Work Example: Helpers Map

Consultation and Coaching

With more than ten years of working experience in the IT, I can offer profound knowledge in infrastructure, cloud, software development, deployment and operation. I'd like to share this knowledge with you to assist in verifying feasibility of ideas, making decisions or taking directions.

Get things done

You know the field, the requirements are mostly defined and you need someone to implement? Let's go!


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